My page loading time became slower on Friday 20th

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Hi!!  my page loading time was good but on friday 20, suddenly the laoding time increased, we didnt make any change and we dont know what its the problem! Someone had the same problem?
We already uninstalled some apps and install other apps to bust the speed, but it dosent help! Please help

my page is


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Hi Luis,

I tried to visit your store and find it loads slowly at the beginning. I think there is something wrong with this It blocks other contents to download and render.

I also found that there are many things you could improve for your store too

  1. Render blocking:  Your store has many blocking CSS which comes from your theme and third-party app. 
  2. Lazyload Image: Google show that you have a problem with lazyload, many images do not loads properly. 
  3. Optimize your image: I find that you have many images unoptimized, compress them could save you a large amount of your store size

If you have very little or no coding experience, I recommend using our app Swift for optimizing things I recommended above. It's easy and convenient. 

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Hi @Luis_Prol,

I'm Richard - CRO Expert at PageFly Free Page Builder.

Did you check your store speed in Google Speech Insight? Your score is under 50.

- And the biggest reason is from your images (you can also see this on this test: So my first suggestion for you to improve your page speed is to resize your images and remove unnecessary images.

- Resources are blocking the first impression of the page. These blocking CSS come from your theme, your font, and your 3rd party apps. Consider delivering important JS / Inline Styles (CSS) and deferring any non-critical JS / styles

- Your store also has some unused Javascript. Clearing no longer used JavaScript to reduce the number of bytes spent on the network activity.


To improve your page speed, you can check this Shopify article: 

Or refer to this helpful article about page speed optimization.


I hope my comments can help you to improve your store speed. Your site is great and attractive so I also hope you will get more sales.

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Hello @Luis_Prol, I hope you are doing good!

These are some points which will help you to keep your store’s speed optimized:-

  • Optimize all the images
  • Eliminate using multiple apps- Using multiple apps hinders the speed of the store. I would recommend the all in one Shopify app AiTrillion. It has all the essential features integrated in a single app & you don’t have to install multiple apps. Also, the cost will be reduced as you don’t have to pay for multiple apps.
  • Use a fast and reliable hosting
  • Use a Content delivery network (CDN)
  • “Minify” your code
  • Reduce redirects and broken links

Hope this helps!

Sachin D | Shopify Growth Expert @ AiTrillion

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