My shopify website isn't loading on mobile

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Hey there, my shopify website keeps crashing on mobile and does not load correctly. I believe this issue happened when I switched to a different theme yesterday and then reverted back to the original one. We launched a new collection yesterday which is not accessible to users via mobile so your assistance is appreciated.




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Hello @nazsidd ,

We are OneCommerce - an eCommerce Solution Platform.


We checked your site and seems like you're using a theme not responsive to both desktop and mobile. In this case, we suggest a few things that may troubleshoot your issue:

  • Clear cache when you revert back to the original theme
  • Consider to change to other themes that responsive to both desktop and mobile
  • Check for any known compatibility issues with the theme and Shopify's system status: you can access the Shopify System Status page here 
  • Check for any code conflicts between the theme and the new collection: kindly check your theme code, collection code, compare the code for the theme and the new collection to see if there are any conflicts between them.
  • If you don't feel comfortable with all the codes, you can contact Shopify Support or consider to hire an expert to help you with this.

Hope this is work for you. It'd encourage us to dig in and support more if you can hit the Like button or mark our reply as Accepted Solution for us.



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Hello @nazsidd,

I am Gina from flareAI app, and I am here to support you.

It sounds like you're experiencing a theme compatibility issue that was triggered when you switched to a different theme and then back to your original one.

Here are a few steps that may help resolve the issue:

1. Clear your cache
Clearing the cache on your device and browser can help resolve compatibility issues.

2. Disable customizations
If you have made any customizations to your theme, try disabling them temporarily to see if they are causing the issue.

3. Re-install the original theme
Uninstalling and reinstalling the original theme can resolve compatibility issues and restore your website to its original state.

If you are unable to resolve the issue on your own, contact Shopify support for further assistance. They can help diagnose the issue and provide a solution.

Also, I did a speed test for your site on mobile using Lighthouse and noticed the store speed is only 24.
2023-02-03 2023-02-03 17-05-41.png

Improving the speed of your Shopify store on mobile devices can be achieved by following these steps:

1. Compress images: Large images can slow down your store, so make sure to compress them before uploading.

2. Minimize the use of apps: Too many apps can slow down your store, so only use the ones that are essential for your business.

3. Optimize your theme: Choose a lightweight theme and make sure it's optimized for mobile devices.

4. Minimize HTTP requests: Reducing the number of HTTP requests can significantly improve your store's speed.

5. Enable lazy loading: Lazy loading allows images to load as the user scrolls down the page, reducing the number of images that need to be loaded at once.

6. Use AMP: AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open-source project that helps improve the performance of mobile websites.

7. Monitor your store's performance: Use tools like Google PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix to monitor your store's performance and identify areas that need improvement.

By following these steps, you can significantly improve the speed of your Shopify store on mobile devices and provide a better user experience for your customers.

I hope these steps help you resolve the speed issue with your Shopify website.


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