My store has a very low site speed score of 26

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Hi i am actually having one additional:


 My store has a very low speed score of 26 which means it's running slower than other shopify stores and I'm wondering why that it and what i can do to address it. I am wondering what i can do to increase this score?

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Hey @GrownDatingTalk!


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This is the tool we use for JPEG images and we use this one for PNG files. Try running those 15 images through the image compression linked and it should work for you


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Hi @PurchaseSurvey ,


Shopify store speed optimization is not easy work.


1. analyze you store in Google pagespeed insight,

2. focus on metrics that slow down your website

3. solve the issues one by one.


You can also share your store URL and password if it is password-protected, and then we can have a check.


Hope it works.


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Hi Gavin, any tips if the feedback you get from this is things like -
Reduce the impact of third-party code 

Minimize main-thread work 

Avoid an excessive DOM size


- these all seem like theme coding issues




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Hi JoV, Check the opportunities section of Page Speed Insights too. If thankyoubag is the website in question then it shows defer/lazy load images as the number Uno issue.


As any issue, this issue can also be solved by custom coding, Plus Shopify apps that offer this feature also exists.




Swish: Page Speed Booster

Shopify Speed Booster Application

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Hi @GrownDatingTalk,


When it comes to site speed, please note that there are several factors impacting your online store speed, some of which you can control, others you cannot.

Factors you can't control

  • Your customer's device, network, and location

  • Shopify infrastructure

  • Content delivery network (CDN)

  • Local browser cache

  • Server-side page cache

  • The assets inside the content_for_header Liquid tag

Factors you can control

  • Unnecessary Apps

When you add apps to change the functionality or appearance of your online store, they add code into the theme so they can run. Some code can be removed or reordered to improve your online store's performance. If you're not using an app, then you can remove it.


  • Themes

Themes are made up of Liquid, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. When you edit or customize themes, file sizes can increase and affect your store speed.


  • Complex or inefficient Liquid code

You can edit almost all of the Liquid that is used to render your store. There are efficient and inefficient ways of writing Liquid code. Doing complex operations repeatedly can increase your Liquid render time, which impacts your overall store speed.


  • Images and videos

High-resolution images usually require large files and therefore slow down page loading times.


  • Fonts

If you use a font that does not yet exist on your customer's computer, then the font has to be downloaded before your text can be displayed.


I suggest you try AVADA SEO Suite which has great features that can help you with improving site speed such as Image Optimization, Speed Up, Lazy Loading and Minification (removes unnecessary information from the source code)


You can also refer to this Shopify post about Improving Speed.


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Hi @GrownDatingTalk, thank you for visiting the Shopify Forum


Speed is critical for a good customer experience & to get more conversions. It also helps with Google Ranking. If you look at it from the Shopify dashboard you'd want a score at least over 50.Some tips to increase speed without getting into code include:


  • Reducing image size (you can use before uploading)
  • not using Page Builders (like Shogun)
  • Deleting unnecessary apps

To make it crazy fast we do need to get into code: to defer and async JS and CSS, remove old app code, minify files, setup lazy loading and more. We offer seven days delivery and unlimited revisions. Clients routinely see 2x to 3x store increase.Please contact us at to request this service


Hoped it helped


Happy Sales,

~ Lanzi ~

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Hi @GrownDatingTalk ,

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I will love to help you with some experts feedback here

- Kindly Provide your Store Url,
- Also Mention Which Shopify theme you are using

- How many Apps you are using?

Note: If your store is protected with ‘store Font password’ please Send it here or DM me.

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