My website has a poor speed score - how can I fix it?

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Hi all,

I recently launched my shop and noticed it has very slow load times. I ran a page speed score on google and it said it was poor. 

Does anyone have any ideas how I can improve it? website is

Here is the feedback from the test:





Thank you

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Hi Hakamount. You can take a look at some tips for boosting the speed of the Shopify website
Make Your Page Lightning Fast with AMP
Compressing and reduce image sizes
Download a Fast and Responsive Theme for Your Shopify Store
Reduce the Number of Apps Installed
Reduce the HTTP Requests
Minimize Redirects and Broken Links
Organize All Your Tracking Code with Google Tag Manager.
Use Hero layout instead of using Sliders
Javascript and CSS files optimization

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Hey @hakamount !

I've just tested your score with Google Pagespeed Insights, and you reach the impressive score of 50 on mobile and 95 and desktop.

Your website is not slow at all. If you want to reach a perfect score of 100, you would to need to go super-minimalistic (like many Google sites), and remove all scripts and images (those take up the most part of your load time).

You need those images (after all, people need to see images of your product) and the base Shopify scripts for your website to function properly and make a few sales. By default, images and scripts take a longer time to load on mobile (less computing power).

I wouldn't worry much about your speed at all. Two improvements I'd recommend nonetheless:

a) The banner on your homepage is a .gif but I don't see it moving, so you might as well have a static image. Change this to .webp/.jpg.
b) Try to find an alternative to Trust Badge. Their code uses document.write(), which can delay page load by several seconds for users on slow connections.

I wrote more tips and a case study about speed here:

Let me know what you think!

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@vdhnat hi vdhnat - do you know the test I did said I was 49/100 then? When I load the page it feels slow and usually takes 3-5 seconds to fully load.

Regarding the banner, it should be a JPEG not a gif?

I will have a look at an alternative to trustbadge thank you.

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I agree with vdhnat.  The site is pretty good, you don't have the glut of apps most stores have. 

You could however hire a developer to make your stylesheet non render blocking, it should take a developer about 1-2 hours at most, this would increase your score a bit. An alternative to hiring a developer would be switching to an update to date version of one of the free themes, which comes out of the gate with it's resources non render blocking.

Available for freelance. I specialize in speed improvement and theme development.

If your looking for a pagespeed solution for your Website, take a look at:
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Hey @hakamount , yes, when I tested your site, I also got 50 on mobile. It is a good score on mobile.

Your homepage and product pages load very fast on my end (< 1s on desktop and ~3s on mobile). If you really want to speed this up, you should reduce the amount of images on your site and get rid of as many apps as possible (=remove the fluff).

Your banner image is a gif. Maybe your theme converts your banner image from JPEG to GIF for whatever reason.


I'd suggest looking into this first since it's an easy change that could save nearly a second according to Pagespeed Insights 🙂

Let me know if it works.