Narrative theme - Featured collection images loading slow / not at all

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Hi there!

I am really hoping that someone here can save the day by solving an issue that became launch-delaying and very much frustrating.

I'm using the Narrative theme, and the issue is the extremely long loading time of the thumbs on my Featured Collection section.

It simply takes AGES for the thumbnails of this section to load.


It happens although: 

  1. This collection contains just a few items.
  2. Besides this collection, my homepage contains only a few other sections which are very light and working fine on every device.
  3. Thumbnails of this Featured Collection section are loading fine on desktop.

I've already tried multiple image optimizer apps and contacted Shopify's support, but this issue is still looking for a solution.


You kind help will be much, much appreciated!

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Share your site's URL.

Available for freelance. I specialize in speed improvement and theme development.

You can also contact me directly if you prefer.
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Hi @oreoorbitz !


Just sent you privately the url and password.


Million Thanks!

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What is the image size and what is the browser display size?