Need help to fix Document has a valid hreflang - Error! Document has a valid rel=canonical - Error!

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Last night under SEO with ? red - SEE IMAGE BELOW - 

Document has a valid hreflang - Error!

Document has a valid rel=canonical - Error!


I have removed all published languages today, they where not availible on my site ever, only English. I installed a fresh copy of warehouse v4.2 to see if this will resolve nothing changed, also see image of <link rel="canonical" {{ canonical_url }} /> as it is in the editor, i also removed all themes that were saved to see if there is not code hanging around, before this SEO always been 100.





 Thank You

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Hi bro 


Don't waste your time making any changes.. its a shopify wide fault on all shopify stores including ours.


Hopefully shopify will wake up and fix this asap.

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YA, one of the issues that cause this issue, is if this <link rel="canonical" {{ canonical_url }} /> is repeated in the coding/website templates, so I checked and found that the top password.liquid and gift-card.liquid code pages is both with small differences the same as the theme.css(so there is 3x instances of it in the coding) and I Download two theme updates and that 2 files come with the theme download, well I deleted both, deleted <link rel="canonical" {{ canonical_url }} /> and the site is running fine, still have the SEO ?, and will run it like that till the new theme update is available, note paying for theme $320 and pay monthly to have these issues, Thank You for letting me know, I do appreciate it, I have wasted a lot of time then on this, other thing I noticed that lighthouse is feeling bad some times and then it will give a good score and then other times it is a bitch and score performance low, other thing I did not mention, I connected Google Analytics & Search-console, it might be the reason why I/all have the issue, some of these things are designed to have problems so that we can hire @Experts to resolve common easy to resolve issues, if it take me 3 years to learn it I will resolve these issues myself, Another thing most I believe is small groups or lone shop owners wanting to make an income and become independent, who cannot afford to spend money hiring people to fix these known issues while larger shops with investors can do that. Happy selling.

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More than a week now since this issue. Zero communication from anyone who could relate to this issue. It's pretty sad... when they had to increase subscription costs, they delivered it very fast, and when they had to fix or at least address this global issue, everyone is silent like it should be like that.

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Taking my words back. It's fixed now. Good job Shopify! 👍