Need Help with Lazyloading on product-grid-item.liquid

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Hi there,

i'm trying to implement lazyloading on my site.
I use debutify, that already contains lazyload library.

I have already implemented lazyload on product page (just added class lazyload and switch src to data-src), so I know that it works correctly on my site

But I faced a problem with Similar products section and product images on collection page. Both blocks belong to product-grid-item.liquid 

So I made these fixes (red lines), but it doesnt work. Upper Img tag have already contained data-src property


2020-09-15 21.41.58.jpg

I've tried to remove this data-src property and make src-> data-src, but all pictures became blured. I've also tried to make 2 data-src properties, but pictures again became blured

Any suggestions? Thanks for your time! 


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