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Hi Everyone, 


Was checking my website SEO, and found that the alt text for my featured collections is missing, even though the images have alt text. How can I adjust the code so that the alt text is available on all pages with the featured collection?

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This isn't a real solution as a blind person isn't going to appreciate alt text like the one that would result from that code.

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For future googlers:

In sections/main-collection-banner.liquid around line 37, change the



alt="{{ collection.image.alt }}"


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Thanks. Unfortunately this didn't fix the issue for my shop.


It looks like we have yet another Shopify bug that we will need to fix by inserting custom code, thus preventing us from updating our theme version going forward.


Maybe an enterprising app developer will create an app for this and get a recurring revenue stream as a reward for helping people work around another Shopify bug.


This platform is broken. If any shopify devs are listening, please prioritize bug fixes like this and stop relying on your partners to clean up your mess.