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pageSpeed Insight is not showing any results for shopify store. i tried many times but every time i am gettings same error. i try to test 2 other stores as well getting same error. 

Oops! Something went wrong.
Lighthouse returned error: NOT_HTM L. The page provided is not H T M L(served as MIME type text/plain).
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What is the url you are testing?

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Absolutely, Shopify has constant problems with this after the Google PageSpeed Insigh update

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I have experienced the same issue. with the page speed insights returns "No data" for my store URLs. Shopify IT supported team said its something we did with the header code change. Have you reached out to them?

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The page speed insights site is where this problem occurs. Lighthouse still works in the chrome dev tools. 


You can install Lighthouse for chrome plugin/extension first. Then view it using ctrl + shift + I.  Where you can see a new Lighthouse tab. Click the performance checkbox and analyse. 


Note : use this in incognito if you have lot of other extensions on chrome.

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Hi @jamesadam ,

Share your store url.

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