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How to increase site speed for my store

It's quite slow less than 35 now,do we have licence number. 


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Hello, @BW6, Welcome to the Shopify Community,

Here are the most important things you need to do to improve speed(

1- Fix the render blocking issues - this means making sure files load quickly without holding the further loading of files for 1 file.

2- Implement preloading, async and prefetching - this is similar to above point but it means telling browser which js files to load how , you can get details on this on


3- implement lazy loading 


4- change all images to webp format.

You can also use to implement auto speed optimization.


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Hi @BW6 

You can try to disable lazy load from your image banners and then rerun the test again

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Hi @BW6 ,

I have checked your store's page speed by Google PageSpeed Insights (PSI) and here is the result:


As you can see, the score on desktop is 76 (A score of 50 to 89 means that your page could load faster).

To improve your page speed, consider these four steps:

  1. Optimize your images to make them more efficient.
  2. Cut down on server requests and get rid of extra apps.
  3. Construct your page using industry-recommended methods.
  4. Strike a good balance between user experience and fast page loading.

Best wishes for 2024 and hope this advice proves useful!!!



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We have some suggestions to help improve your website's speed.
1) You can compress images without compromising their quality.
2) Use the appropriate file format, JPEG/WEBP for photos and PNG for graphics.
3) Consider lazy-loading images so they only load when they come into the user's viewport. However, the page's LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) element image should not be lazy-loaded.
4) You can efficiently load some third-party app code. This will reduce TBT and improve website speed.
If you need further assistance, please let us know your feedback or send an email to