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Hello Lovelies :3 I've been working on my website, Cute Darkness,  browsing experience and the PageSpeed score. I managed to improve it a lot by optimizing my images, using js and css minification, and lazyload, amongst other things. I got results so far, but there's a big culprit in all this, Shopify itself.  Screenshot 2022-12-03 162342.jpg

Screenshot 2022-12-03 164901.jpg


As you can see jquery and min.js are the biggest offenders in third party codes section. As well as Script and Evaluation and Style & Layout in Minimize main-thread work section. I use a couple of apps to add features to my store, but I'm slowly learning how to code to run some of these features natively. I don't know what exactly I need to do, I installed the latest jQuery version in my store, but I don't know how to proceed with this or even if it was a good idea in the first place. Does anyone know how to reduce these values? Thank you

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Hi there,
Your speed is slow becasue of those reasons
- Google Page Speed shows the codes /s/trekkie.storefront.., which means that the theme you are using is heavy
- You can change to other theme such as Dawn theme ( free)


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