Parsing error: Missing ',' or '}' SEO google search console

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Hi i am trying to solve "parsing error: missing ',' or {, the error appears on these pages-

Screenshot 2024-04-06 153711.png

they all appear to have the same problem.

anyone know how to fix this?

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Are you using an app to generate you JSON-LD data?

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First, you must remove the incorrect code that causes the problem from your theme. After that, you can install a new schema markup using Shopify apps.

For example, you can text to the "SA SEO JSON‑LD Schema markup" support and we will help you set up the app and solve your issue

Sofiia Astanina, Shopify app developer
Try SA SEO JSON‑LD Schema markup from Shopify app store

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The main problem is that you added the "gtin13" field as an integer and need a string.

All you need to do is to convert the gtin13 field into a string. Instead of "gtin13": 34900002_10779, you need to change all gtin13 fields to "gtin13": "34900002_10779".

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