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i'm trying to understand why the images of my products sometimes takes like 5 seconds to load.


Sometime they load really fast, but some times seems that they are being regenerated on the server side and not loaded from the CDN cache. I'm not modifying the products from the control panel so they should be just loaded from the cache, right ? 


Here you can see a 68kb image being loaded from the CDN in 4.67 seconds, with server response 4.67 and 3.90ms of download.



Can someone help me understand ?




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I have noticed that occasionally the cache is cleared. Unfortunately, this process leads to slower server response times.
Slow-loading product images can negatively impact the user experience on your website, and it's important to identify and address the root cause of the issue. Below are some potential reasons why your product images may be loading slowly.

1. Large Image Size
If your product images are high-resolution and large in file size, they may take longer to load. You can try compressing your images using a tool like TinyPNG to reduce the file size and improve load times.

3. Implement Lazy Loading
Lazy loading is a technique that allows images to load only when they are needed, reducing the initial page load time. You can implement lazy loading using JavaScript libraries such as Lazy Load.
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Hope it helps. Let us know if you need further help with the issue.

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We're experiencing the exact same issues with transparent PNGs and server response times. If hosting on any other CDN, this wouldn't be an issue, so I was surprised. Would love if this was resolved as it's not standard CDN behaviour.

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I am currently developing a headless shopify store with sveltekit and this issue is destroying all my efforts. Shopify CDN called "Imagery" is garbage and doesn't seem to use cache at all.

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I'm facing the same challenge, downloading 600kb image is taking almost 4 seconds: