Product Images not getting displayed properly

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Hi all, here’s the issue I’m facing.


when I land on the website from my facebook advertisement, this is how it shows the product images. 


0613B2B6-99DD-42B9-84E1-5E4F46A72FF9.pngAnd then if I scroll down a little,then it shows the proper image format like this.



why is this happening, I want the user to directly see the second format only. Please help. 

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Hello @shreyak3596,


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It sounds like the issue may be related to the order in which your images are being loaded on the page. It's possible that the images in the second line are being loaded before the main product image, causing them to appear first.

To ensure that the main product image is loaded first and displayed prominently on the page, you could try adjusting the order in which your images are loaded on the page. One way to do this is by optimizing your images for the web and reducing their file size, which can help improve their load time. You can also try using lazy loading techniques to load the main product image first, before loading the secondary images.

Another potential solution is to adjust the layout or design of your product page to ensure that the main product image is displayed more prominently. For example, you could try increasing the size of the main product image or moving it to a more prominent location on the page.

Hope this helps


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Hello @shreyak3596


To help you with this issue, we will require your store URL or the name of your current theme. Provide us with the same so that we can check the issue and let you know the best possible solution. 




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