Recommendations For Hiring To Clean Site Code/Improve Page Speed

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I’m looking to hire someone to clean up my site’s code/improve my overall page speed and wanted to know if anyone had any recommendations/people that have been able to help them in these areas?

I’ve previously tried to hire people through Fiverr/Freelancer but unfortunately haven’t had the best luck doing so.

My site is

Thanks in advance!

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My team Speed Boostr focuses on Shopify optimization and built the first Shopify specific performance analysis tool, for free for the Shopify community: the Shopify Analyzer. You can see our team here:

If you'd like a free analysis contact us at

If you want to learn more about performance optimization specifically for Shopify, this is a good guide:

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Hi there,


Right off hand I notice some issues relate to image content not being lazy loaded but there aren't many other obvious issues, you can view your results using our Shopify Analyzer tool here:


I don't notice any console errors on the home page for app code not being properly removed however I did notice a single console error that may be related to your theme files (Reactify).