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how do i reduce script evaluation time for mobile devices on Shopify? Google's Page Speed Insights is showing that my mobile website is loading very slowly.



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Hello @dleakey,

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If you want to reduce the script evaluation time for mobile devices on Shopify, here are a few steps you can follow.

-> Compressing images is essential for faster page loading. Avoid adding too many images to a single page and using images that are too large or small. To maintain image quality while reducing file size, try TinyPNG or similar tools. To ensure fast JavaScript execution on Shopify, use image formats like PNG, Progressive JPEG, GIF, JPEG, or JPG.

-> Evaluate your mobile site's interactivity and speed using Google's PageSpeed Insight Tool. It provides PageSpeed scores and recommendations for better performance.

-> Minimize the number of redirects in Shopify by utilizing the built-in 'URL redirect' feature. Excessive redirects can negatively impact performance.

-> Improve your page speed by implementing AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), an open standard framework designed for fast-loading mobile web pages. Many shoppers prefer mobile devices for shopping, making AMP significant.

-> Avoid using sliders and consider replacing them with a hero layout image. Sliders can impact performance and slow down your website.

-> Implement lazy loading for non-essential scripts, delaying their loading until they are required. This approach reduces initial load time.

-> Be cautious about installing excessive apps and plugins, particularly those that are not actively used. Each additional app adds CSS and JavaScript files, which can hinder website performance.

-> Utilize a content delivery network (CDN) to serve static assets and scripts. CDNs store files on multiple servers worldwide, enhancing loading speed by delivering content from servers closer to users.

-> Keep your Shopify themes and apps up to date. Developers often release updates that address performance issues and bugs affecting your website's speed.

-> Improve performance by splitting your code into smaller, manageable chunks. Code splitting allows loading only the necessary scripts for each page, reducing overall script evaluation time.

I hope this information proves useful.


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