Removing of code, but no clue where to find it

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When running Pagespeed.web, it says that there is a little amount of coding (that I can't find), and this coding slows my site down so much.





Can anyone help me to remove it, I no longer use any Trust badge app, and I can't remember which app it was that left it (I have tried a fair amount of Trust Badge apps, which is stupid because they inject a lot of code, without removing it when uninstalled.)


The store is called: if it helps 🙂


Thanks in advance!


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Hi David, I understand your frustration as these can be difficult to track down - luckily in this case you can see from the URL that the code is located inside of your theme's /asset directory. So that makes the job easier!


The filename is trust_badges.js so you can simply delete this file, but better yet download your store's theme code (via the actions menu) and search for occurrences of it in a code editor of your choice to completely remove it. You can this practice whenever you need to search over all of the code, as Shopify does not provide a way to do this otherwise! 

I hope that helps track this down and get your store scoring higher, to get a better overview and more detailed insight into your store you can order an audit from us and we'll ensure your store is as fast is it can be and clearly outline the route to a more performant, better converting site!

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