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Hi All,


We have an online wine retail website running on Debut. Obviously we need to migrate to a new 2.0 theme. Site speed is a big issue for us as we have a lot of consent: over 600 products with images. 

Does anyone have any advice for the best 2.0 themes to suit our type of website/business?

Erez Gordon
Carboot Wines
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Hi @ErezCarbootWine,


It really depends on your product brand, but you have multiple Shopify 2.0 FREE themes to choice from, You can try Taste, or even Craft theme. If you want a sliding cart drawer, you can choose Refresh


They are built to make customization easier by using the Theme editor.

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thanks @made4Uo I will check out those themes. We are happy to pay for a theme if it delivers better site speed and functionality and we don’t have to compromise on our content. 

Erez Gordon
Carboot Wines
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I am also keen to look at themes that have product pages where the price and product image are both above the fold on mobile. 

Erez Gordon
Carboot Wines
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Hello @ErezCarbootWine


We would like to advise you that you can look for the below themes that can boost your website speed.



Also, you can apply free 2.0 theme from Shopify, such as:



Note: Even after applying a new theme, you need to customize settings to boost your web speed. 


Website speed can be increased by working on the below points.

  • Using optimized custom code instead of using a third-party app.
  • Compressing images.
  • Applying lazy loading on that part which is not responsible for the first appearance.


Hope it is helpful. Let us know if you have any other questions.




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For Better Speed Performance Try

1. Reduce # of Apps
2. Lazyload Images
3. Use Compressed Images.
4. Minify JS/Css
5. Use Google Tag Manager etc.