Shopify Server First-Reactin Time > 800ms

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Hey there,

according to Google PSI one of the major points of our shop -speed is the pretty lame first reaction servertime from about 700 - 1200ms (!!) 

This is a new thing showed up and I was a bit shocked as this is clearly part of shopifys job. Does anyone else experiencing problems here? 

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Hi @sober,

I find the results for PSI vary from test to test. Maybe try to run the PSI test several times and collect an average?

Also it depends on your location/time of day, I guess if you are far away from their servers the first reaction time will take more time. 

Another factor is the location of your customers, if you're located in Paris but all your customers are in US. How fast your server reaction time is is not that helpful. Ideally you want to experience your site speed the way your customers do (more on this in web performance in action book). This is why I highly recommend for testing speed.

Not sure if I answered your question. I went on a rant, but hope it helps!



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Hi @sober 

Almost every analysis tool will give slightly different results and even running multiple scans with the same tool can generate a range of results.

For example, I ran your site through Google Page Speed Insights again and the first run only gave me the warning you're seeing on Desktop. It appeared to not be an issue for Mobile. Even on Desktop, the response time was 600ms, which is under what you've been seeing.

I also ran your homepage through, and that returned a response time of around 454ms. So these numbers will definitely range depending on factors like the time of day, analysis tool used, network/server performance at time of scan, location, etc.

It's worth noting that this is a common warning we see all the time, so it's definitely not specific to your store.

If you were consistently seeing 1200ms response times, then there might be something going on that you could look into. However, the fact that the times I'm seeing range so much lead me to believe it's more likely due to different variables throughout the day.

I hope this helps!


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Hi @sober

This is PageFly - Shopify Page Builder App. This can happen during the time since your store does not exactly stay the same over time. Whenever you add new content or any apps to optimize your store, it can also lead to this. It also based on the time, location, and tools you use to check for your web as well. As I have checked on your store on PIS, the data shows that the speed is low for unused Javascript, CSS code, and large painful contents. You can check for the apps you are using for your store right now. Even when you have deleted it, some code still has left in the store code. Also, checking for the images or videos you are using right now can make the store speed low as well. Here are the Page Speed Optimization Best Practices For Your Website for you to have a look for more detailed recommendations.


I hope that my answer is helpful for you. Wish you all the best!