Shopify Speed is Low (24), but PageSpeed Insights is high (+90) How can there be such a difference?

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Hi all!


I hope there is someone out there that can help us with explaining the difference of the calculated speed by Shopify and PageSpeed Insights (the metric Shopify used)

We've had a developer remove unused Javascript and CSS, and got an uplift from 27 to 29, we slipped back again to 24. The developer says that we should not look at the scores that Shopify gives us, but rather the Google scores, is that true?


I've enclosed different print screens to demonstrate the difference, but the summary in short:

1. Shopify assign our shop speed at 24 (which is slower than similar shops) We've been 27, speed up to 29, but now dropped again. See print screens.

2. The Page Speeds metrics for our 3 subpages are (Homepage; Desktop: 99 Mobile: 92  | Shop; Desktop: 99 Mobile: 92 | About Us; Desktop: 99 Mobile: 92) Note; Shop page & About us pages are not calculated by Shopify (see missing available data in the overview) 

3. Shop URL 


Thanks in a million!

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You're using the Cloaking method to hide your page content for PageSpeed Insights, see this thread:

Whether this is good or bad for SEO, I don't really know, it won't help actaul user expierence though, so if you care about that and the effect of loading performance on your bounce rate, you should optmize beyond just using a Cloak to increase your pagespeed score.

I'd reccomend you have your developer make the css non render blocking and generate critical css, and change your slider from flickity js to glide js

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