Shopify vs. Big Commerce Site Speed with a Large Number of Products

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Hey - I run several small eCommerce businesses online including one selling books through Shopify which I am very satisfied with, although it has a limited number of products and I find it easy to use. I also run another business that sells vintage items Vintage Collegiate Collectibles and has close to 3,000 unique products due to the nature of the business.


I am finding that site speed is suffering and since Shopify has worked out for me on the other business I am thinking of converting the store, but have hesitated because of the complexity of the conversion. Does anyone have any experience with a store on Shopify that has thousands of products and if so are you satisfied with the site speed?





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Shopify provide unlimited hosting so you don't need to concern about the speed of your store with a large of products.

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I'm having serious problems with orders with a large number (100+) of line items.  The cart just spins and spins to the point I have customers contacting me to complete the order offline from their abandoned cart.  Also, large draft orders won't convert to regular status either.  
I realize this is slightly different from just having a store with lots of items, but if you anticipate orders with lots of items, you will run into these same issues.

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Hello @valuablebook,

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The number of products is not a factor in the site speed. The speed will all depend upon the elements that are loaded on the website.

You can convert the store. The following tips can help increase the store speed once you migrate the store to Shopify.

1. Image compression is important and a necessity for faster-loading web pages. Make sure your images are of good quality and do not add too many images on a single page. You can try some tool like
2. Minimize broken links and redirects - Avoid unnecessary Redirects and fix broken links
3. Using slideshow, which are high-quality images combined with transitions, take time to load when the user clicks the link to the homepage. So instead you can use a single high-quality hero image.
4. Always choose a theme that is responsive, fast, and takes minimal time to load the page
If you choose a theme with numerous sliders, fancy animations, advanced navigation systems, etc., will affect your page speed. If your theme is loading slow, consider disabling the theme features you don't need.
5. Use Lazyload wherever required to reduce initial load time
6. Themes contain CSS, JS, HTML which can increase and affect your store speed. So disable theme features you don't use.
7. Use a System font which is a font that is already installed on most computers. For example: Segoe UI, Times New Roman. If you use a font that does not yet exist on your customer's computer, then the font has to be downloaded before your text can be displayed. This impacts the time that your store takes to load.
8. Use minified CSS and JS files
9. Minimize HTTP requests
10. Don't display too many images in one page. For pages like collections, you can use pagination.

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