Should I switch from Prestige v. 1.1.1 to Kalles theme for better speed?

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hey there

So im currently using a very old prestige theme version 1.1.1
Its not Shopify 2.0, its .scss it has a speed rank of 41 in my admin dashboard and a few missing features i would like to add to my page without coding. But overall i like the theme.
Now i have seen Kalles on themeforest for 89$ and it seems like it has a lot of stuff to work with it and looks great. But im scared that it will be an even lower speed score because of all the features. But it is shopify 2.0
Does anybody has experience with the Kalles Theme?
I would love to hear from you how it is

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I don't have expierence with Kalles Theme, so can't help you there, but that a theme is 2.0 compatible, does not mean it's faster.

Dawn and the free 2.0 themes are faster becuase they use stragies and rulesets to avoid a bloated theme, these same stragies could of been applied to a 1.0 theme, you don't need the 2.0 features for the theme to be faster, you just need to think about performance as a priority when creating a theme.
Most of the premium (paid themes) are not built from the ground up with performance in mind, but are the 1.0 themes, ported over to 2.0, with all the same bloat they had before.

I don't know about Kalles specifically, but keep the above in mind when choosing a theme.

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Hello @reddragon1337,


After a lot of hands-on experience working with Shopify themes on Themeforest, we have the right set of advice for your store theme. In our opinion will we recommend you continue with Prestige and don't opt for the Kalles theme. 


If you are using the 1.0 version, you can easily update your store to Version 2.0. You need to just install the updated version, and it will create a new updated theme for your store without affecting the older version.


Also, You can make your desired changes in the backend and publish your 2.0 theme.


Hope it helps. Let us know if you need any further help with Shopify.


All the best, 

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