Site Speed on mobile needs love please have mercy on a newie

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Hi everybody,


Thanks for clicking!  Am new to Shopify and a bit dumbfounded on the mobile performance metrics on the Google Webmaster Tools analysis.  Hek? I get 90% on desktop and .. 44% on mobile?


URL is - not sure where to begin? Anyone has a few pointed and/or a trustworthy guide to tackle this situation?  Will admit to site (and human) being new, and surprised at the disparity.


Thanks in advance for the wisdom! Ask questions away!

EcoGeekShop Team
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Hello @EcoGeekShop  I have checked your store in google page speed

Mobile scores is 42
To speed up mobile you can fix the following things

Reduce unused JavaScript
Properly size images
Reduce the impact of third-party code

Optimize First Contentful Paint 

Avoid document.write()


Most of the times apps which loads some javascripts and other assets causes for slow load.  You can clean unused apps. Search google for each issue and fix them. If its complicated for you hire any shopify developer. 

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