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I recently read about marking scroll event listeners as passive to improve site speed performance. Is that something that is handled within shopify for my shopify store? If so, is there an option to make the listeners passive or is that something I'd have to manually add as code?




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You'd have to add manually as code.

In most cases, this warning appears on pagespeed insights because of Jquery.


You'd want to add this javascript code right after Jquery

var supportsPassive = false;
try {
  var opts = Object.defineProperty({}, 'passive', {
    get: function() {
      supportsPassive = true;
  window.addEventListener("testPassive", null, opts);
  window.removeEventListener("testPassive", null, opts);
} catch (e) {}

If (supportsPassive) {
 jQuery.event.special.touchstart = {
        setup: function( _, ns, handle ){
            this.addEventListener("touchstart", handle, { passive: true });

When making event listeners passive, be sure to always test that the browser supports it, otherwise it could break things. 

If your not familiar with coding, I recommend you hire a developer.

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Thanks so much for the code!

I added it right after my theme's jQuery and while it did help get rid of the passive listeners error, it broke my website in the sense that images won't load anymore.

After some more troubleshooting, I found this code in a StackOverflow thread, added it right after jQuery in the plugin.jqeury.min.js file and voila! it worked.


jQuery.event.special.touchstart = {
    setup: function( _, ns, handle ) {
        this.addEventListener("touchstart", handle, { passive: !ns.includes("noPreventDefault") });
jQuery.event.special.touchmove = {
    setup: function( _, ns, handle ) {
        this.addEventListener("touchmove", handle, { passive: !ns.includes("noPreventDefault") });
jQuery.event.special.wheel = {
    setup: function( _, ns, handle ){
        this.addEventListener("wheel", handle, { passive: true });
jQuery.event.special.mousewheel = {
    setup: function( _, ns, handle ){
        this.addEventListener("mousewheel", handle, { passive: true });


If anyone's facing similar issues, they should try this.

Hope that helps!


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Hi @nodarawarehouse 

It's very nice that you bring it up, I'd love to discuss with you guys about scroll event listeners as it could be a nice idea to implement into our product 🙂

After reading, I notice that marking scroll event listeners as passive will help improve scroll performance, especially on mobile. It doesn't directly help improve site speed performance, but definitely improve user experience and I believe it can greatly benefit your site. Most browsers will support it.

I've tried to find a comprehensive tutorial for you, but I think you might need help from a developer to implement it in your store.

Some articles might be useful:

- Find which browser support passive event listener

- Tutorial: and

Also, if you are interested in optimizing the page speed for your mobile page, please check it out There are great actionable tips there.

Have a good day, if my answer is helpful, please give it a 'like'. Thank you so much 🙂



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Simply update to jquery latest version 3.5+, it solves the issue automatically, but be sure your theme code is updated to date otherwise JS code may be a break.

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