site very slow

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My website is receiving a score of 26, but my theme developer says there is nothing to be done... Can anyone verify if that is the case or something I can do to make it load faster? Any suggestions most welcome.



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Firstly, you have a great-looking website!

Now, speaking about the Shopify score, look at these score values as guidance and not a definite metric with respect to your Shopify store. There are many website optimization scanners and all use different metrics and variables to calculate performance.
I suggest you take a look at this article that explains Shopify Scores, and what they truly define.

Even though the number is out of 100, it’s a comparison against other “similar” Shopify shops. Theoretically, if you scored an even 50, your site speed would be average as compared to other Shopify stores.As one Shopify developer put it: “It’s not a measure of Speed, but a measure of speed against other merchants’ stores."

How this is flawed: Shopify is a notoriously fast ecommerce platform. Even if your shop scores low compared to other Shopify stores, it’s still hosted by Shopify and is therefore faster than the average ecommerce experience. It’s like having the slowest Porsche on the Autobahn.

Also, try scanning the site with, Shopify Analyzer
There are some images you can optimize on the homepage, but overall it's a fast website considering the content density, widgets, and features.

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Hi @ekrom399 

Aibek is here from 

Recently we have launched our app, that helps Shopify merchants to make their stores faster. 

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Hope that helps you.

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Hi, @ekrom399

Mac from Shopify here! Thanks for posting this question and sharing your store link. I’m happy to help.

I understand the importance of having a fully optimized and functional store. However, there are many variables that we need to consider when it comes to increasing website speed. Some variables are out of our control, like our customers' device, network, and location. I ran your store through a PageSpeed Insights test and you have received an excellent score of 94 on desktop, while you received a score of 48 on mobile. You can share this report directly with your theme developer as recommendations are provided to help increase store speed like, reducing unused JavaScript, reducing initial server response time, and by reducing the impact of third-party code.

I'd also recommend reviewing the apps you have installed. Please take in consideration if they're essential for your business, as a large collection of apps can slow down your website. Check out our helpful guide on the balance between online store features and speed to determine which apps are considered essential. 

Another large contributor to site speed are images and videos. Although Shopify has a few safeguards that help prevent overloading your store, I'd recommend checking out our image optimization guide to learn how to upload the most effective media. 

If your theme developer is unable to assist you, you can also speak with Shopify Experts. This is a marketplace that connects you to professionals in a variety of fields related to your e-commerce business. Doing so will allow you to outline your exact requirements and specifications to speed up your store. If you would like to know more about finding the right Expert, please click here.

Feel free to reply back to this thread with any questions or updates and we can continue our conversation further!

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@ekrom399 @lucas05021 ,

Yes , Low mobile page speed may kill your traffic and affect your conversion.

In order to Improve website speed we need to work on the following points:
- Remove unnecessary code on a high priority basis.
- Compressed images or Defer offscreen images.
- Reduce JavaScript execution time
- Minimize long main-thread work
- Beware of excessive liquid loops
- Decrease thumbnail image size
- Weigh the benefits of installing another app
- Avoid an excessive DOM size
- Avoid Large Layouts Shift
- Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy

By fixing these issues, your website speed score can definitely improve. For more details please check and select the plan you wish to select -

If anything is missed out or unclear then don't hesitate to ask
Thank You!

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Hi, @lucas05021

Thank you for joining the thread and sharing your concern. We're here to help. 

You mentioned that you are experiencing a slower website. Have you had a chance to run your site through a troubleshooting tool? If not, feel free to share your URL in this thread, or you can run your own Lighthouse report using Google PageSpeed Insights to view more detailed metrics for pages in your store. From there, you will be able to determine what exactly is slowing down your site. A very common issue is the overuse of apps, I'd suggest reviewing the apps you have installed and remove some as they can slow down your website. For more information, check out our guide on Improving your online store speed to learn more. 

If your store is still receiving a score, it may be best to reach out to your theme developer or contact a Shopify Expert to take a closer look and troubleshoot the issue. 

Let me know if you have any questions! 

Mac | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hey, I have a site of Sometime I am facing some issue in its speed. Kindly, let me know its main reason.

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Hi, @meezishhh

Thanks for joining the thread and sharing your concern. I’m happy to help.

You mentioned that you are running into issues with speed on your website and would like to find out the main cause of this. As there are many variables that we need to consider when it comes to increasing website speed, I ran your store through a PageSpeed Insights test. You have received an excellent score of 99 on desktop and received a score of 93 on mobile. One of the main reasons why your customers may be experiencing issues with speed could be the users device, network, and location. For more information, check out our guide on Improving your online store speed to learn more.

Are you able to share some more details regarding this? For example, does the site tend to slow down on a certain page, during checkout, etc? This will help further isolate the issue. 

Mac | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Factors that impact website load time:

There’s another little catch in this whole process of website load speed: different devices load pages at different speeds. This is also affected by the type of connection the person has, for example, they might have a fiber optic line vs a mobile 3G connection to work with. Therefore, even though slow speeds hurt sales, it might not necessarily be the website’s fault in some cases.

Another thing that could potentially affect load speeds is the host being used and the specific type of hosting. For example, certain hosting solutions use a shared VPS or another form of shared hosting, where server resources are being shared between unrelated client sites. This can lead to a bottleneck if one site is using more resources than the other, and can impact load speed and general optimizations.

Way to speed up the Shopify site:

An often overlooked factor in website optimization is video and image file sizes. Simply put, the larger the file size, the longer it will take the full page to load. We can certainly appreciate wanting high-quality images, but there’s a reason image optimization checklists  exist.

Similarly, the more plugins a website uses, the longer it’s going to take to load. Of course, the problem then becomes which plugins to keep and which ones to remove. In answering this question, it pays to consider can several plugins be replaced by a single plugin that achieves the same tasks.

Ways suggested by web developers:

  • Look for an eCommerce platform that is quick—right out of the box.
  • Make use of fast and dependable hosting.
  • Make use of a content delivery network (CDN)
  • Google Tag Manager can help you organize your tracking.
  • Unblock the browser from scripts that are blocking the parser.
  • Make testing and optimizing your mobile performance a top priority.
  • Pop-ups should be used sparingly.
  • Excessive liquid loops should be avoided.
  • Reduce the size of thumbnail images.
  • Reduce the number of homepage hero slides.
  • Consider the advantages of adding another app to your website.
  • Compress and reduce the size and number of images.
  • To add video, use lite embeds. “Minify” your code by reducing redirects and removing broken links.

I used to rely on a so-called expert freelancer and he messed up my site!!! Then I found some tools from Shopify that performed better (to my surprise). They have some functions called AMP that guarantee to boost your site speed on mobile browsers. The great thing is they have a developer/shopify expert team who provide side-by-side support to make sure that things run smoothly and my page speed could be improved. Then, I did run speed test and got improved results. Really appreciate these tools from Shopify and their team/service (Here's the link of the tool that I used btw ) Just from my experience as a fellow store owner. Hope it could help!

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Thank you and have a nice work!!!
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Good morning, 


  I am having a lot of issues with my site. I would appreciate any feedback on the performance and setup of my store. I can also use as much help as possible to actually get my store running on a more customer friendly, easy to use, but keep the elegant fancy look and feel. Right now I’m going a number of promotions but I cannot get any customers. Which means a lot. Something is turning them away and making them not want to shop on my site. I’m super confused on what to do with this issue because I’m not tech savvy at all. I hired a developer for my site. They did everything but for some reason my site still isn’t performing at a high speed nor is it ranking high or getting customers attention or trust.