Slow Front-end Modification Reflection Speed

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I'm running into an issue regarding modified code reflection times and any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


To explain the issue, I am currently working on modifying some front-end code locally. However, it takes an unexpectedly long time for the browser to reflect the changes, sometimes taking up to a minute.

I was wondering if there were any steps I could take to resolve this issue and bring down the time it takes to reflect the modifications.


In the screen recording, there is initially a black bar near the top of the page and the developer is refreshing the page. The code has already been modified to remove the black bar, but it takes about 50 seconds of constant refresh to finally see the changes reflected on the page.



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Hello @JohnYun 

As best practice, you should open DevTools and disable Cache before refreshing like this

Screenshot 2023-11-10 at 15.24.35.png

If you are not familiar with DevTools, then you can open a private tab to test the page. This will reduce significantly the refection time. However, there is always a small delay after changing the theme.

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