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Hi, I'm trying to do what I can to increase the speed of our website. The desktop version seems to perform well, but we're doing fairly poorly on mobile. Any advice ? 

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Hello @jrp1588 



You can try to fix the following issues on your store and this will improve your store Speed scores, load time, Google page speed scores, Core web vitals. GTmetrix scores.


▶ Fix render blocking resources
▶ Image optimization
▶ JS/CSS files optimization
▶ Lazyload media JS/CSS files
▶ Optimize CSS/JS delivery
▶ Minimize HTTP requests
▶ Removed unused codes
▶ Fix bad requests ex: 404 links
▶ Optimize Font delivery
▶ Preload files
▶ Optimize APP codes


Here some resources you can follow


If you need help feel free to contact me Thanks.

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Yeah, I've read through those. Seem like you have to be a web developer to really implement any of these fixes, and frankly it's all got my head spinning. I was hoping since the Shopify sites are made to be built by laypeople such as myself, there was something I could do. About the only strategy I'm familiar with is image compression. 

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@jrp1588  the scores you see in google page speed varies based on theme, apps. You can hire any developer to fix them for you.

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Hi @jrp1588,


When it comes to site speed, please note that there are several factors impacting your online store speed, some of which you can control, others you cannot.


Factors you can't control

  • Your customer's device, network, and location

  • Shopify infrastructure

  • Content delivery network (CDN)

  • Local browser cache

  • Server-side page cache

  • The assets inside the content_for_header Liquid tag

Factors you can control

  • Unnecessary Apps

When you add apps to change the functionality or appearance of your online store, they add code into the theme so they can run. Some code can be removed or reordered to improve your online store's performance. If you're not using an app, then you can remove it.


  • Themes

Themes are made up of Liquid, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. When you edit or customize themes, file sizes can increase and affect your store speed.


  • Complex or inefficient Liquid code

You can edit almost all of the Liquid that is used to render your store. There are efficient and inefficient ways of writing Liquid code. Doing complex operations repeatedly can increase your Liquid render time, which impacts your overall store speed.


  • Images and videos

High-resolution images usually require large files and therefore slow down page loading times.


  • Fonts

If you use a font that does not yet exist on your customer's computer, then the font has to be downloaded before your text can be displayed.


I suggest you try AVADA SEO Suite which has great features that can help you with improving site speed such as Image Optimization, Speed Up, Lazy Loading, and Minification (removes unnecessary information from the source code)


You can also refer to this Shopify post about Improving Speed.


I hope my answer can help you achieve your goals.

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You mention image resolution. If I download one of my product images from my website, it appears my shopify theme has automatically converted it to an 1800x1800 compressed webP file. Is there any advantage to compressing my files before I upload them, or should I just let Shopify do it? I think my slideshow banner is slowing down my home page by a good deal, so I'l tried to compress those images down, but I think Shopify is just converting them to a less aggressive compression which is like double the file size that I'm uploading according to the speed tests. 

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Hi @jrp1588 

Welcome to the Shopify Community!

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- Kindly Provide your Store Url,
- Also, Mention Which Shopify theme you are using

- How many Apps are you using?

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