Slow Speed & Lighthouse error

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My website shows a slow speed score, 40 or less and I dont seem to understand the reason for that. All my images are optimized and properly sized.

I only have 8 apps installed and just around 60-65 products as of now. Still the speed score is so low.

And another issue is that when I test my speed on google page speed it returns an error "Lighthouse returned error: NOT_HTML. The page provided is not HTML (served as MIME type text/plain)"

GTMetrix shows decent results.


Anyone can help me sort these 2 issues?

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Make sure you are not confusing speed scores with ranking

Your ranking represents how your online store’sspeed scorecompares to Shopify storessimilar to yours...

For pagespeed error not clear what's going on there without deeper investigation, just try another endpoint or url reference 


Which shows apps, third party code is a large offender.


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Are there still ways to increase the score?

What am I doing wrong with the store that's dropping the speed score?
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@Plushkart I don't think a 40 using that tool is low, it's at the high end of the average my team sees with Shopify site scores after theme optimization. If you're running a successful ecommerce business and using 3rd party apps it's unlikely you'll achieve a high score with that tool. The Shopify speed score just imports from Google PageSpeed Insights, a general analysis tool.

I would focus on actual load speed and user experience, rather than an arbitrary score. Here's our collective analysis + recommendations: Understanding Load Speed + Analysis Tools and Scoring on Shopify

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