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Hi! I am running a Shopify store that has become extremely slow in loading speed, especially on the homepage. My store has a lot of images but I have an image compressor app as well as a page speed app but the store speed is extremely slow. I don't have too many apps (23), it is mainly just images. My website is I am wondering if anyone can tell me some sort of issue that may be causing this? Thank you! 

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Your store speed is not extremely slow. It might just be your local connection.

That being said, couple things I found that can help:

1) Set a delay on your email popup so it doesn't come up right when the page is loading.

2) Investigate / fix console errors. Sometimes these are harmless, sometimes they indicate larger problems or affect load speed / layout:

Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 9.23.48 AM.jpg

If you're not familiar with the console, this will help:

3) Compress all your images and implement lazy loading, see

Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 9.26.21 AM.jpg

Those results are from the Shopify Analyzer, a free tool my team built for the community to see what can / should be optimized on a Shopify site. When you click through the details of each warning, you'll see recommendations to fix.

Note: Image compression apps can't access all your images, so some you need to manually compress. Reference + how-to:

4) If you've ever installed an app that interacts with your storefront, it's possible there is still code from that app, unless you removed it. Check your theme files for old app code, or check the "Number of requests" section in the Shopify Analyzer to see the resources loaded, and if you notice any from old apps, contact that app to ask how to uninstall.

Those 4 points should give you a solid level up in performance optimization. If you need further help feel free to contact my team at Our developers optimize Shopify sites every day.

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Reasons for a website to load slowly:

Unsatisfactory server performance: Whenever someone tries to click on your website, on that time the user’s browser pings the server, that is asking for all the information and data required to load into the website at the same time.

Too much traffic: At any given span of time, a web server can only accept a limited request and that is fulfilled then the page will slow down

Increased code density: All the points like, sizable, dense web elements will have a negative effect on slowing down the page load speed.

Ways to fix slow loading:

Enable Caching: Try use cache so that every time you visit an already visited page, it can get info from cache.

Remove Resource-Hogging Plugins and Add-ons: You might require a handful of plugins for your site to function the way you like

Minimize Your Code: Try to use less code , and even try to make a website using some CMS or wordpress so that your website can be build in less code.