Store crashes because of "produce_batch" requests

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since 04.January I have extreme problems with the loading times of the "produce-batch" requests to "https://<yourdomain>/.well-known/shopify/monorail/unstable/produce_batch"


Check it at: 



There has been no change in the theme for me. Currently the store is unusable, sometimes the session terminates with the broeser-error message "sbox fatal memory exceeded". Normally my store !!! in current !!! configuration with installed apps takes about 2.1 sec for DOMContentLoad / 2-5-3.0 sec for general load!!!. Currently I have load times between 8-15seconds because of the "produce_batch" load times. No "basic optimization tips" helps here either. My Speed Insight has dropped overnight from score "48" to "15". FCP & LCP are delayed by this and are catastrophic. I have also uninstalled apps and commented all them out in theme.liquid as a test to be able to exclude this 100%.


These "produce_batch" requests are not affected by the theme or apps, as every Shopify store has it "built-in". EVERY!


Normally the load times of these requests are 150-200ms. Without changing anything at the night-hours the loading time is okay (nut optimal, but better... between 200-450ms). 


That alone is a sign that it cannot be influenced by me as the store operator. Shopify support does not help me. The theme developer doesn't see a theme/code problem either, which it definitely isn't....


Can anyone help me?

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We are OneExperts from OneCommerce - an eCommerce solution platform.

Pagespeed report show that you need to:

- Reduce unused JavaScript

- Reduce the impact of third-party code

- Reduce JavaScript execution time

Almost of javascript file from apps, these "produce_batch" you mentioned come from theme, if you try to fix it, which can cause seriously damage.

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Hello Julia,

in the meantime I could find the cause, but not solve it yet. In fact it is an Embed App, that's why at first in the theme code the cause was not obvious and I can't do anything about it myself. The "Globo App Product Variants" app causes the problem. Since this app is essential for our store operation, I can't replace it without further ado. Currently, I am in discussion with the support, because he is of the opinion that he is not the problem. However, it can be wonderfully readjusted by simply deactivating the app briefly. Then the Google Page Speed Score and the loading time are immediately correct.