Store speed keeps decreasing - how to stop this?

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My store is:

My store speed is 37 but the worrying things is that this number keeps decreasing. 

Can somebody help me figure out how I can increase the speed again and keep it stable ? 

I only have the minimum amount of apps installed, but when I uninstall an app - I usually just press delete app and don't delete code..

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

KInd regards,



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After examining the results from Page speed insights, I see that I'm mainly looking for 'beeketing.js'

This is an app that is still consuming code but not in use. However I can't find it anywhere in my code. 

Any suggestions on how to resolve this? 


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If you are having technical knowledge then you can find it ! by liquid file structure .

Or hire a shopify developer , Because we can not find out from the link only that the code is from which file.

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@Otterlydifferen you can usually find files of old app code in your theme.liquid file (it's in the Theme Editor > Layouts folder).

Here's what I do:

1) Duplicate the live theme so you can work on the backup theme without affecting the live site (in case something goes wrong)

2) Open up theme.liquid and product.liquid, these are usually the places you'll find old app code.

3) Read the code line by line, and if you notice something from an old app, remove it.

4) After removing each piece of code, preview the theme to make sure it looks good and nothing broke (it's usually fine, but if you're not experienced working with code it's good to preview on each change you make).

5) After you've removed old app code, run your key pages through the Shopify Analyzer. This will show you what else can be optimized - it's a free tool my team of Shopify optimization experts built for the community, because general tools (like PageSpeed Insights) give poor recommendations for template based ecommerce sites, and if you follow them blindly you can actually hurt your conversion rates.

The Shopify Analyzer also gives recommendations and links to resources to optimize your site.

Lastly, be aware that the other poster OSC has been caught stealing and breaking Shopify terms of service on multiple occasions (reference: This type of unethical character can be risky to allow access to your business.

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"Long and steady wins the race," as we've all read. Quick page speed and site efficiency, on the other hand, are vital factors in e-commerce success when it comes to search engine optimization.

That is the reality: more people are using their smartphones to access websites or make transactions, and they expect websites to load as soon as they click on a page.

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