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The speed of a store that has no sales yet has decreased

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The speed of a store that has no sales yet has decreased
1) Could this be due to the fact that I was waiting for my domain to start working. While using a free domain from Shopify.
2) I think this could have happened due to the fact that I shortened the names of the products and added tags. I see that the page address includes the old long title. Maybe this affects the speed of the site? What will you advice me?

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I come from PageFly - the #1 trusted Page Builder on Shopify.

There're many factors can affect your store speed, for example:

- Render-blocking issues

- Unused CSS, Javascript

-Bulky files: Images and flash graphics need to take time to load and they can make your stores and websites run slowly if they haven’t been optimized.

- Too many redirects: when you place a redirect, it means that the user essentially has to wait for the page to load twice.

- Server location and performance

You can what cause your speed to be slow with Google PageSpeed Insights or other tools like to measure page speed, they will give you a better ideas on what cause the slow page speed.

Simply, there're 2 things I will check first:

- Have I optimized my images: if I haven't 

- The number of apps I used: remove the one I no longer use. Though we don't use the app, it's likely that its code still load on our pages

For more tips on optimizing the page speed, as well as the tools to optimize the images (reduce the weight but keep quality), you can check our article on this topic here

Hope they can find some helpful information for my answer.


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The 2 items that you specified do not affect performance. Performance may deteriorate over time when adding apps, analytics, or additional sections, especially if the video section.

We are agree with @hailey_luu and all these problems arise from apps and third-party resources, and even the theme itself can be unoptimized. As a result, all these problems are specified by @hailey_luu 

To determine why performance is deteriorating, you need to analyze the store. The Pagespeed score may be unstable. On one day it will show 25, and on the other 20. Moreover, Shopify has its own test environment. Their score in the Online Speed Report and your score through Pagespeed Insights will differ. So don't pay attention to it. Your main task is to find out the reason. And maybe you need to make an optimization.

If you're interested, we will be glad to help you with Speed Optimization of your store. 

Kind Regards.

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Thank you for the answer. For some reason I was not informed about your letter.
Now there are no problems with speed, although I did nothing.

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This is definitely not the reason. I didn’t remove anything, but the speed recovered.

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I was very worried due to this reason because my store is facing this situation.

if you got any solution plz guide me..........