Tips For Optimizing My Site's Performance?

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Hello, I'm looking for advice on increasing my site's speed.
I have greatly reduced the amount of content that would slow down the site, but am still getting low scores.
I'm receiving a D grade on GTMetrix, with excessive DOM size and enormous network payloads being the biggest factors.
I have received a 20 on Google PageSpeed Insights.
My site is
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello Blaine2045, I did analyze your site using page speed insights and It looks like you need to minimize main thread work, Obviously 🙂 . If you would consider using page speed apps for fixing your issue then Swish page speed booster could fix your page speed. As it does exactly that. It's free, which won't hurt if you try it out. If you were looking for a more technical answer I'm really sorry to disappoint you. I hope you find your site speed solution soon.

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