Venture Theme Question about AMP Version vs Bootstrap

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The new Shopify page speed monitor is a welcome addition. 

Unfortunately, it does not jive with Google Search Console.  My store is still having slowness problems according to Console and I read an article about the AMP ranking vs BootStrap.  Google prefers the AMP.  (although I had to change all that a couple of years ago!!???)

I know there are apps that will supply an AMP version for a price, but is there any way to modify the Venture Theme, which is perfect for our business, rather than build/buy a new theme altogether?

I also need assistance in removing old code which is slowing down our site as well.

Any help would be appreciated!!!  Thank you.

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It is technically possible to build some AMP pages on Shopify without using an app, but the use-cases are extremely limited and managing the pages ends up being a very difficult endeavor.

The reason an app is better, is because the AMP app will automatically solve the AMP HTML transformation process, as well as give you advanced customization that likely would never be possible if you were to try this yourself.

Coming from someone who can be a bit of a control freak with his own code, I can understand the desire to want to do it yourself.  While it is again, certainly possible to create your own AMP pages, attempting to do things like rendering product reviews, putting your product images into a nice image carousel, or having advanced interactivity on the page is simply going to take a lot of time, headache, and frustration.  In order to "pre-AMP" your product HTML, you'll also need some kind of server-side process to do this, validate it, and save it in your product metadata. I'm not sure how you'll do this on Shopify.

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Hi Deborah,


Aibek is here from Growavelabs Agency. 


We will be glad to help you with removing old code and optimize your store. All you need it's fill out this form:


Then we can discuss the process. 


Regarding AMP Pages, I advise you to take a look at apps that provide this kind of service. 

Hope to work with you soon. 

Kind Regards,