Very low LCP (Viewport is loading slow)

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Good evening,


so I have improved a little my site speed, but unfortunately the viewport LCP is very slow for my product page for which reason people are not purchasing on my store. 


The link:

I use the theme: Prestige


I would be so happy for help! I really appreciate any help.

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1. Preload LCP image
2. Remove lazyloading from LCP image

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@ShockW ,

I have gone through your store, the score is  here,


LCP or largest contentful paint time is the period during which the largest part of the content becomes visible to the user. This includes everything that’s above the fold or “viewport” (the area visible to the user after the page initially loads), whether that’s a chunk of video, images, or other elements.


As I have seen your store LCP score is 2.5s. 2.5-4 seconds will have you falling under the “needs improvement” zone and over 4 seconds is in the fail zone.


As currently specified in the Largest Contentful Paint API , the types of elements considered for Largest Contentful Paint are:


  • <img> elements
  • <image> elements inside an <svg> element
  • <video> elements (the poster image is used)
  • An element with a background image loaded via the url() function (as opposed to a CSS gradient)
  • Block-level elements containing text nodes or other inline-level text elements children.


There is product image which is taking large time to load. 


 You can improve your TTFB in a number of different ways:

Apart from LCP, first solve these issues,



  • Theme Upgrade if there is a scope and upgraded theme available
  • Reduce JS Payload.
  • Use Critical CSS .
  • Reduce Large Image Sizes
  • Compress Images
  • Limit Third Party JavaScript & Shopify Apps
  • Preload Web Fonts. 
  • I would suggest limiting to one and using a standard web font.


By fixing these issues, your website speed score can definitely improve.

And we will provide an assured guarantee plan for the website speed optimization.

For more details please check the link below.

If anything is missed out or unclear then don't hesitate to ask. Email us or Connect with us on Skype

Have a nice day !




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@ShockW ,

I have gone through your store, the score is  here, and speed is very low


and LCP is very high due to different issues found in your store and we can optimize your store without any functionality changes

we can resolved all LCP issues in diffferent tools like PageSpeed Insights , GT-Metrix and tools 
and we can optimize your store on the basis of these issues




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                                             Thank You. 

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Hi @ShockW


A respectable threshold to measure LCP (largest contentful paint) is the 75th percentile of page loads, segmented across mobile and desktop devices. Your LCP score is 2.5s which is a solid reason why your store needs improvements. 


When you run a check on PageSpeed Insights, Google suggests various points of improvement. Simply work on those suggestions and you will see the difference in your store’s speed and performance. 


You can also get in touch with us and will plan out a concrete store speed optimization plan. Our team of experts will audit your store on various tools like - GT-matrix, and the web. dev tools and work upon the suggestions so that there is nothing left untouched when it comes to optimizing your store’s speed. 


All the best! 

Team CedCommerce. 

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