We need tree shaking for apps

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Dear shopify, don't add a speed measurement feature if you're not going to have an infrastructure to fix the issues. 

Your just freaking out store owners, but making it hard for them to fix the issue.

Apps are important for stores, but they're incredibly bad for pagespeed, especially since their is no way for developers to edit the apps loaded through content for header to apply manual tree shaking, every app added to a store has a cumulative effect on pagespeed.

If your not going to add http2, at least give us a way to treeshake apps. 

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Hi there, we can give you some solution to solve them:

Actually shopify do not tell you what you should do to improve pagespeed , you can take a report from pagespeed insight to look which of issues make your store slow.

Link pagespeed insight: https://pagespeed.web.dev/

Almost of our client's store were slow by some issues below:

  • Javascript and CSS file from App that were unused.
  • Not defer and properly Image.
  • Structure of theme have many available javascript

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