What is better Page Speed Insights or GT Metrix..?

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Hi Team,


We have our website present on www.ekamonline.com and we facing a speed issue.We are present on the "BLOCKSHOP" theme and we are unable to fetch the speed from "Google PageInsights" and are using GT Metrix for speed check.


I want to know what is better if compared "GT Mterix or Pagespeed" to look for sped.


Also please look for the issue we have in our account.



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Welcome to Shopify Community.
In my opinion, Both have the equal co-relation.
But both are the best in the market for test the Speed.
Both have different statics data and algorithms which on it woks.

Let me know what issues are you facing.

So that i can help you, or hire a agency if you are facing more issues regarding the page speed.


Thank you.

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Hi @EKAMOnline ,


You can refer to this app, it helps optimize the speed on your website


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@EKAMOnline ,

Both are good for test your speed of store.

you can let me know the issues on Skype or via email.

we will help you.

Thank you!

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My point of view might be biased BUT I'll go for page speed insight all the way, I don't really trust GTmetrix 
don't forget that page speed insight is a google product so I would trust this product in order to understand how the Googlebot is analyzing my website 

Yvon Ramazani 

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Hey there @EKAMOnline


We checked your stores on Google PSI and honestly speaking, it was really bad. In terms of speed, a lot needs to be done in your store. Google’s GTM Metrics is not giving any response and there can be multiple reasons for this like - laggy performance, 3rd party scripts, no response on time, etc. 





To share exact information and loopholes, we would be needing collaborator access to your store. For the time being, here is what you can do to improve your store’s performance - 


  1. Remove all unwanted Shopify apps. Apps that you have installed but you’re not using anymore. 
  2. Minify Javascript, CSS. 
  3. Reduce image size without hampering their quality. You can compress your images to an extent where their pixels don't burst. 
  4. Replace gifs with static images. 
  5. Reduce product images by using Shopify App (for bulk).
  6. Remove videos from landing pages. 


Once you’ve done the above things, you can check back with your scores and you will see a slight change in your store’s performance. You can reach out to us, and together we will ensure that your store loads fast, and it’s as responsive as we are! All the best! 


Thank You, 

Team CedCommerce.

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