Why are product thumbnail images on my website loading slowly?

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Hello, we have been managing the website, and recently we are experiencing various delays on our website. The specific question I would like to ask is that our product thumbnail images do not appear until we scroll down to the screen where we can see the product list; I wonder if there is a way to make all the images appear as soon as the website is opened. 


Here is our brand website, so please take a look: jnmall.us

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I've checked your store and your product thumbnails are being loaded via lazy loading. This means that they are not being requested until you scroll down the page.

This is actually a performance boost and is done to ensure the page loads  as quickly as possible.

The loading speed of the product thumbnails are determined primarily by their filesize and then by the network bandwidth and routing for delivery over the internet which is done via the Shopify CDN.


On some routes and during peak times there is always network congestion which will play a major factor in how fast your store's images (and all of the assets used such as fonts, stylesheets, javascript etc) can be loaded. Shopify does have a globally accessible CDN presence although they are based in Northern America. 

I assume as your website is in Korean, that are you loading from Korea or in Asia and therefore the nearest Shopify CDN pop (point of presence) may be physically quite far away in Singapore, or even over the north pacific ocean. It will depend on how the customer is routed. Which is outside of your control unless using a professional grade asset routing solution.

Due to this - there's a few ways to increase this speed of images. One is to optimize them, via reducing filesize, increasing compression and decreasing resolution this can be achieved. The main concern here is there is a fine balance of quality to performance to be found, and even with very small images - network congestion due to routing can still be a problem.

Therefore to fix this you can upgrade the delivery method so that the images are loaded from a local point of presence via usage of a proprietary business class CDN networking layer, that routes your assets through a high speed tier 1 internet proxy between your connection and the Shopify CDN, so that the end result is a significantly faster loading website and means you get out of the free 'slow' lane and into premium tier 1 internet. The same routes that are reserved for major brand such as Facebook, Amazon and Youtube.

Send us a DM we can help with image optimization and then setting up a tier 1 asset routing solution for you so that you experience as minimal latency and as fast a network throughput as is possible. It's really not that expensive at all, as once it's setup - it's just a pay-per-usage service. So for a ballpark estimate around $10-15 USD per month for 1000 to 2000 unique daily visitors. 

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Hello @jnuser,


We would like to inform you that, your website theme is using a lazy loading technique for rendering images for better website speed, as images loads slowly in the background without affecting the webpage load speed of visitors. 


However, if you still want to fix this,  you can remove the lazy loading functionality, also you need to improve the speed of your website by other means to balance the same.


Hope it helps, let us know if you have any questions.




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