Why aren't my product page GIF and video visible immediately and how can I improve site speed?

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Hello, when you visit my product page for the first time, the GIF and video are not visible, how can I fix this ?
The gif appears after a few minutes and the video does not appear, just the sign of the play is visible when you click on the play, and the video appears.
Also, the speed of my site is slow can you help? speed score 28
I have optimized all photos.



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It loaded for me, just took some time. Videos are generally the heaviest website asset so they can take time to load.


If you're not seeing it load at all, it may be a problem with your browser's cache or cookies. Try opening in an incognito window or another browser to confirm that.


For speed score, if you're referring to the Shopify speed score, 28 is not bad for a functioning site using apps - we usually see stores scoring between 20 - 40 with that tool.


To optimize your site further, here's our recommended approach (we're a team of Shopify optimization experts that have optimized 1500+ Shopify sites):


1) Run your site through the Shopify Analyzer - that's an analysis tool specifically geared for Shopify sites. It will tell you what issues are present and how to fix them.


2) After handling the key optimization issues, do app optimization and preloading to further dial in speed.


For #2 just pass that information to your developer, they should be able to investigate and implement those strategies.


If you don't have a developer, or prefer to hire optimization experts to handle this, feel free to reach out to speedboostr.com/contact for a free analysis and quote.

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As you can see, when the website is loaded out on the product details page, many picture resources will be loaded simultaneously, causing other requests to be blocked and the page cannot be displayed.Consider lazy-loading offscreen and hidden images after all critical resources have finished loading to lower time to interactive. 





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How can I do it?