Why can't I access Shopify admin via wifi?

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I am currently facing an issue accessing the admin section of the shopify website when connected to wifi surprisingly i can access it using cellular data or hotspot on both my phone and laptop I’ve tried some troubleshooting myself and the issue continues to persist only while using Wifi. Can you assist me in resolving this issue 

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I'm assuming it's the exact same network and probably consumer hardware for the router, if that is correct then here's what I would check in this order:

Firewall/antivirus as it will have different profiles for access

Reboot the router and modem. I have seen corrupted configs that reset after a reboot.


If this doesn't help then I would recommend running a nslookup and ping to the domain on ethernet and then Wi-Fi.


If this is a corporate network then there could be filtering on Wi-Fi that is not the same on ethernet. Such as using different DNS servers. I'll do my best to respond once you reply with your findings.


Also if right after rebootign the router/AP it works on Wi-Fi and then stops randomly this could be a sign that it is starting to fail but you could also update the firmware to see if that helps.