Why does my slideshow load slowly and how can I fix it?

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I'm having problems with my loading speed, specifically the slideshow, which has a delay on first load.


My website is www.anatolys.com


I have banner slides on the top of almost every page. For example: https://www.anatolys.com/pages/wedding-specials


There is a definite lag, and I would like to know how to fix this. I appreciate your help. 

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Because lazy load is diabled. you have to enable the lazy load.
or contact to the theme support team,
they will surely help you to get rid off from these issue.

thank you.


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It is worth mentioning Large Hero sliders at the top of the homepage is one of the distinctive features of online stores. So, if it's possible, you should try to find an alternative to the homepage hero slider.
Here’s what you can do about it:

1. Decrease the number of slides. Leave no more than three photos in a slider and optimize the images for Shopify without losing their quality. Your slider should follow the best UX practices and should be complemented with a Lazy Load feature.

2. Eliminate the Hero Slider and replace it with a single, well thought out hero image complete with a CTA on it. Statistics show that today less than 1% of customers click on sliders. Others are either annoyed by the feature or at the very least, don’t bother to watch every slide. Of course, it is your choice to decide which option is for you. So, if you decide you still want to use a slider, just be sure to consider the previous point.


I suggest you should take a look at this article https://whidegroup.com/blog/shopify-performance-optimization/ to learn more about Shopify speed optimization.

Also, if you need help or a consultation for your store, feel free to contact Whidegroup anytime.

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Hi @skyguy89 

This is PageFly - Advanced Page Builder with 6 years of experience providing conversion rate optimization solutions to more than 100.000 Shopify stores, I would love to give you some recommendations.


Based on our experience, the 1st thing you can do is to optimize the image background (size & quality). You may try Shopify apps (paid or free) or use https://tinypng.com/ (a free tool if you don't mind manually optimize each image). After we optimize the quality is almost the same but the images would be less heavy, therefore, they can load quicker, especially when they are the 1st thing someone see on your store.


When you already do everything to optimize the images but the slider still slowly load, you may reduce the number of slides.


I also think if you can contact theme developer about the issue, it would be cool too as they understand the most on how the slider was developed and can create the best solution.


That's about the slideshow, if you are interested more on optimizing page speed, we have a detailed guide from CTOs here.


One more thing, actually not related to page speed, but it's about keywords and SEO. I think your home page is lacking the main keyword that describes your store, especially in heading 1:



In case you don't know where to start, we have note down the step-by-step suggestion here https://pagefly.link/HYSKxjah 


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Hi there, your website looks great now! I wonder how did you solve the issue? Our website is www.canadianliquorstore.ca

I think we have the same issue.


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Our Shopify theme (Impulse) released a new update, which is what solved it.

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I see, thank you so much for the info.