Why is adding products to the cart on my website so slow?

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Hi, I have a website im helping work on called https://cityshadecompany.com/ when adding a product in to the cart it often time loads slow especially when adding multiple products to the cart. I dont know if its due to too many apps or java script. I am not the developer. What do you think it could be? here is a loom video as an example https://www.loom.com/share/f6fbc83d82b449189dc845d58f44e2ac


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Hi @Rockyj95 , The code of the API used to achieve product customization is broken.  It has issues's like it shows price zero for products added to cart , while it was showing $471 while with add to cart button. 

I believe there is lots of JS involved and communication to 3rd party code which is taking time and making it slow, it might even go into loops if something is not logical. 

You just need to consider more user cases and retest it. 

I can look into details but thats not possible without access to code. 
You can contact me here https://www.makkpress.com/contact-us  if you want me to take a better look into it.

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Hello @Rockyj95,

This is Gina from flareAI app helping Shopify merchants get $6Million+ in sales from Google Search, on autopilot.

There could be several factors causing slow loading times when adding products to the cart on your Shopify website. It could be due to apps installed, related to JavaScript or CSS on the website, or even slow server response time.

I ran a Lighthouse report for your store and the store speed is 23 only.

MANSION PC03 2023-04-12 15-34-15.png

Also, I noticed there are several JS errors in the Console on opening product pages. For example: I opened the pillow product https://cityshadecompany.com/products/pillows and noticed the below Console errors.

MANSION PC03 2023-04-12 15-35-53.png


I would advise you to analyze your website speed using tools such as Google PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix. These tools can provide insights into your website's performance and suggest ways to improve it.

Also, check the apps installed on your Shopify store. Too many apps can slow down your website. Consider uninstalling any apps that you are not using or need.

Consider taking a look at Shopify's guide on Improving your online store speed to help improve your customers' shopping experience and increase your conversion rates. 


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