Why is my client's project experiencing slow page speed due to CDN?

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Hello community,

a project of my client has some speed issues I dont really understand. 



Lighthouse sometimes reports speedindex on the productpage to ~25 and on another day to ~60. I think the issue is, that TFFB always pretty high ~700ms, which depends on the CDN. So I guess you dont have influence on it. This effect is especally really strong when sliding the product images and has also a HUGE impact on the user experience. Aswell the page itself loads slow sometimes.

Because the speedindex is at 60 for me today, I think you should check the productspages with Lighthouse by yourself.

How is that fixable?


Thank you in advance!

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Every external link that is pulling information to your website is doing a call out.

I started a topic in marking that goes a little deeper but I would remove the social links for one ...

Social links slow your website down.
Because the scripts that load the share buttons require data from Facebook, Twitter or whoever, and therefore needs to send a request to Facebook, Twitter or whoever, server where Facebook, Twitter or whoever, then has to look in its database for the answer before sending the answer back to your browser.


Depending on how many sites your pulling data from and how long it takes those sites to respond back will affect your load times.

At this moment you have 24 ...

24 offenders
cdn.shopify.com (30 requests)
monorail-edge.shopifysvc.com (10 requests)
eshopcrm.com (7 requests)
analytics.tiktok.com (5 requests)
front.optimonk.com (4 requests)
cdn.judge.me (3 requests)
gdprcdn.b-cdn.net (3 requests)
gdpr.apps.isenselabs.com (3 requests)
fonts.shopifycdn.com (2 requests)
connect.facebook.net (2 requests)
www.facebook.com (2 requests)
www.google.com (2 requests)
cdn.polyfill.io (1 request)
shop.app (1 request)
stats.g.doubleclick.net (1 request)
ajax.googleapis.com (1 request)
d1hcrjcdtouu7e.cloudfront.net (1 request)
gs-cdn.optimonk.com (1 request)
www.cloudflare.com (1 request)
jfapiprod.optimonk.com (1 request)

And there times will very according to their traffic and such.