Why is my ecommerce store running slow after app installation?

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I am concerned about my First Contentful Paint and global speed score on my product page on page speed insight tool .

I have edited the code of the debut shopify free theme on a partner account. 
I transfered the updated theme on my merchant account and installed 3 additional apps.

When comparing data from google page speed there is a big performance difference between themes on the partner account and merchant account.


On the partner account (https://nostressnomore.myshopify.com/products/bracelet-distribgel), global speed is 72 and first contentul paint 2,5s







On my merchant account (https://maccaa.fr/products/bracelet-distribgel?variant=34622484676746) global seepd score 49 and first content paint 3,4s






I don't know where this difference comes from. I was guessing this must be from an app. I tried to find this with gtmetrix and the network tab from this inspector tool, but I don't feel like apps have many server requests or take time to load.

Any help appreciated,


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