Why is my Instagram to Shopify connection speed so slow?

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Hi everyone. I've had my Shopify store for about 1 year. A lot of my sales comes from instaram so its a platform I want to capitalize one. I have connected my Shopify store to IG but I find that the website loading from IG to Shopify is extremely slow. I tried to have a Shopify expert work on my website speed in the hopes that it will improve the loading from Instagram to my store but it did not help. It's unfortunate that the Shopify exert cannot help me with the fix so im asking the community in case someone has solved this problem of improving the connectivity speed from Instagram to shopify. Thanks 

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Hi @Torto 

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Regarding your question, perhaps it is the product page that is slow.

After all, Instagram immediately opens the product page in its built-in browser. And we don't think that's the problem.

It's best to check the product page. You can share with us the URL of one of your products and we will do an analysis for you.

There is a chance that your store is loading slowly on mobile devices.