Why is my page speed so low on product pages?

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For some reason my page speed is shockingly low. Expecially the product pages. Even though they are mainly standard dawn theme? Only have 5 apps running and they are small apps. Not much custom code 



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When your website is slow, it can make users frustrated and leave your website quickly, which can result in lower sales for your business. There are many reasons why your website might be slow, even if you're using a standard theme and have only a few apps or custom code.

Can you drop your store URL for review? Meanwhile, take a look at this related thread to get tips on how to improve your website's speed.

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First, you can try one of these tools: Google PageSpeed Insights, Lighthouse, GTmetrix, or WebPageTest to check the current state of your website’s load time. This will give you a comprehensive overview of your website’s speed and provide recommendations on areas to improve.


Please, share the link to your store, and then I am able to give relevant advice.


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