Why is my site performance slow and how can I increase the score?

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Can anybody help me with this?


I have tried everything out there.

This site score is only 19 - how to increase that?


This is the site: https://smartserveretail.com/

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You can check with google pagespeed insights, and check each problem.  If you are a developer you can fix this as there are guides per problem, if you are not you would need a Shopify Expert as this will need a lot of technicalities, especially understanding how javascript works and how to make their flow optimized.


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Theme selection, the size of the images are just a few of the biggest factors.

Youtube, Instagram etc. iframe codes can also slow down the homepage.

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The size of the images shouldn't slow a website down as long as the website is optimized.  Images should be even uploaded at their highest quality because Shopify provided many ways to handle images properly.  Changing the quality of the images or uploading low-quality images would just make your website less attractive as they are the main attractions of any website.