Why is my site speed slow and how can I improve it?

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I need help figuring out why my site speed is so slow and how to fix it without changing my whole site design. Thank you! https://localsummersurf.com/

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Hello @localsummersurf,

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After analyzing the site, here are some suggestions to improve your page performance.

-> Reduce the number of HTTP requests

Decreasing the components on a page minimizes the number of HTTP requests needed to load the page. You can achieve this by combining files, scripts, and CSS into fewer files, as well as using techniques like CSS Sprites and image maps.

-> Compress components with Gzip

Gzip compression significantly reduces the size of HTTP responses, leading to faster loading times. It's the most widely used and effective compression method, typically reducing response sizes by around 70%.

-> Add Expires headers

By using Expires headers, you can make page components cacheable, reducing the need for additional HTTP requests on subsequent page views. Expires headers are beneficial for scripts, style sheets, images, and Flash files.

-> Minimize DNS lookups

DNS lookups introduce latency, as they involve mapping hostnames to IP addresses. Minimizing DNS lookups helps to improve speed. Consider reducing the number of different hostnames used on a page.

-> Use cookie-free domains

Requesting static components with cookie-free requests can eliminate unnecessary network traffic. Create a subdomain dedicated to hosting static content to ensure these components are requested without cookies.

-> Avoid empty src or href attributes

Leaving image src or href attributes empty can lead to unexpected behaviors in different browsers. It's best to avoid this practice to prevent issues such as corrupting user data, generating unnecessary server traffic, or overloading servers.

-> Place JavaScript at the bottom

JavaScript scripts can delay parallel downloads, causing slower page loading. To optimize page speed, move JavaScript files to the bottom of the page whenever possible, especially if they can be deferred.


Implementing these tips can help enhance the performance of your website without requiring a complete redesign.


I trust this will be of benefit to you.


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Hello @localsummersurf


This is Shobhit from CedCommerce. First of all, congratulations on having such a lovely Shopify store. Based on your query, we did a performance audit of your storefront and found something that might really help you. 


Your store’s overall performance on desktop devices is decent, but it is too slow on mobile devices.  We understand that it must be frustrating for your consumers to wait too long, which definitely impacts your business, but with some fixes here and there and some niggles this can be fixed. 


However, we have more to tell you, and we believe you can be a great brand in your niche with some additional attention to your store’s design and performance. We, as a trusted Shopify experts agency, can help you with your Shopify store and improve your ROI and brand presence in the market, well, only if you allow.


Coming back to your issue, below are some of the necessary measures and opportunities that you must adopt to improve your store page speed on mobile devices. 








Apart from the above measures, you must also work on the below-provided suggestion to get your speed green for desktop devices.





We suggest you connect with a learned developer or a Shopify expert agency who can do this for you since it requires some technical know-how. 


If you need any more help with your store’s performance or any help with fixing it, we are here to help. 


All the best,


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Hello @localsummersurf 

I have checked your site in the Google page insight tool. your website score needs optimize for the good score



Below are some factors that might impact the speed of your online store, and how you can address them.


We’ve had the best success for our clients by working with our developers to implement the lazy sizes because it's quite complicated for non-technical people.

You need to work on the following points:

  • Theme Upgrade if there is a scope and upgraded theme available
  • Reduce JS Payload.
  • Use Critical CSS.
  • Reduce Large Image Sizes
  • Migrate Tracking Codes To Google Tag Manager
  • Compress Images
  • Limit Third-Party JavaScript & Shopify Apps
  • Preload Web Fonts.
  • Using a standard web font.

By fixing these issues, your website speed score can definitely improve.


If anything needs to be included or clarified then feel free to ask.  We will surely help you. 


Have a nice day!

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