Why is my website loading slow and images blurry?

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Hi I have just loaded my website to check on it and have discovered it has become slow to load and both chrome and edge says page is unresponsive. The images look blurry and I have never come across this before. Is this a Shopify thing, a theme (Shopitmized) issue, or have a just got bad internet coverage at the moment (usually pretty good)?? This is in Australia. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

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Hello @Tasha2 ,
Please share your store url.

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Hi @Tasha2 

Feel free to post your store URL and I'd be happy to take a look.

If this randomly started happening without any theme/code changes being made, it could definitely be a network issue. If the issue still persists for an extended amount of time, then it may be caused by something else. Hard to tell at the moment.

Thank you.


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don't worry about that, sometimes chrome and edge are wrong