Why is my website loading slowly according to Google Insights?

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Hello! I’m struggling with site speed. 
for me the website loads instantly but according to Google insights it’s taking 8 seconds for largest picture to load and 2.2 second for first load.


in using Dawn 10.0 I have 5 apps running which are minimal, and all old apps the scripts have been removed, 


all videos explaining how to increase speed I’ve done, my main images are the correct aspect ratio. 

no clue what to do now to get my speed higher, website is DAGNORAK.com


any help is appreciated 


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@DAGNORAK  Hello Google page speed and other online tools use different devices / OS to calculate their metrics so you will see many differences between each tool reports. To optimize the Google page speed LCP and other metrics  convert the images Nextgen .webp format.




Defer offscreen images - You need to apply lazyload to those images you see in google page speed

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